20100126_01 | dieGLÜCKSSUCHER


20100126_01 | dieGLÜCKSSUCHER

Serigraphy on paper
PF: 100x70cm
BF: 85x55cm
Edition: 5

In the cycle dieGLÜCKSSUCHER (eng. Happiness seeker) Peperski presented the viewer’s perspective as a confrontation. It is all about strong and restless effect.  What thew viewers see are abstract heads without mouths and noses, all contrasted on an uneasy screened background. The eyes of the happiness seekers are located on eye-level of the viewer and therefore constitute the only peaceful point of the composition. There are eight heads, which should be hung up together in order to accelerate the feeling of confrontation and at the same time to surround the viewer.

One color screen printing on 300g paper.

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