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Drawing on transparent film
PF: 300x135cm

The Borderline always was something Peperski has been looking for. This line is isolated and accented by two areas, by the same time determining the transition into one another. As if the only thing that artist is interested in was the moment in which one being begins and the other ends. Aware of the logical development of a search for the differences – Peperski decided to deal with the reality or objects directly with a pen. She was attracted by the close contact that had never come into existence before and also by the intrusion into the objects intimate distance zone. The tracing of nature. Using a 0.10 mm thin, transparent, clear, flexible film (like a plastic sheet) and a black acrylic pen Peperski traces a three-dimensional object. She covers the object with the sheet and she mark her touch with the pen. In her line of sight she capture the projection between the eye and the object with the pen. This process, as a result of the translation from three to two dimensions, is similar to a cartographic activity. Mapping an object that can be physically touched, createsa possibility of observing the occured disturbance between the original and the map.



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